About Piedmont

Year-Round Schedule
Piedmont Elementary school is in its 15th year of operation using a year-round schedule. At the conclusion of each 9 weeks grading period students get a 3 week break, with a 4-5 week break in the summer.

Innovation Zone
Piedmont Elementary's Innovation Zone emphasizes personalized education plans for all students, authentic narrative reporting of skill mastery to parents, project based learning, interdisciplinary connectedness and integrated content technology. Experiences are created to advance student learning and systems thinking through processes such as critical thinking, collaboration, and problems solving. Project based learning will monopolize the daily integration among content areas. This flexibility of curriculum design will make instruction relebant and seamless and allow students to see connectedness of learning. Thinkfinity will be the preferred resource.

Student Behavior
A positive disciplinary climate is directly linked to high achievement. Therefore, Piedmont Elementary will use the Respect and Protect Program to encourage good behavior. A form called the Behavior Identification Form (BIF) will be used to help keep track of student behavior. The BIF is taken from the Student Code of Conduct established by the WV Department of Education. The BIF lists inappropriate behaviors and possible actions the teachers/team may take. A behavior conduct grade will be given to students in addition to their other grades. Students earning high conduct grades will earn opportunities to participate in special events throughout the year.